Boiler Repair in Calgary Alberta


When it is no longer viable to need residential Boiler Repair in Calgary Alberta and boiler service has come to replace it, it can seem like a costly affair. Modern heating systems, including your boiler are complex systems that require proper installation by a certified and licensed technician. On the other hand newer boiler systems are far more energy efficient and that will offset the up front cost and end up saving you money in the long run.

The cost of installation of any heating system can vary greatly, and your cost will depend on a number of different factors. We do our best to give you the system you need for your home will at the same time saving you money on the overall cost. Here are some of the issues we look at when pricing out your replacement boiler system.


The Size of Your Property

The size of the property that you have to heat will have a direct correlation to the price of the boiler and its installation. A 7,000sq foot home is much harder and more expensive to heat than a 1,500 sq foot home. A bigger home means you’re going to need more radiators and a larger capacity boiler to heat them. Even if this is a replacement and you already have the pipework in place a bigger boiler will cost more than a smaller one. If you plan to add on to your home at any time in the future then it is best to get a boiler that will accommodate a larger home.

Your Existing Infrastructure

If you already have the pipework and radiators in place we need to make sure they are suitable for your new boiler. If everything can work together it will reduce the cost of putting in a new system. The pipes and radiators will still need to be flushed before the new boiler can be put in. If they existing infrastructure doesn’t work then you will need new radiators, piping and possibly water tanks.

The New Boiler

It goes without saying that boilers will vary a great deal when it comes to price and quality. The cost of the boiler will have a direct impact on the price of the job of replacement. If you are looking at using oil or gas the costs are going to differ. Bear in mind that while you may pay a little more upfront but the savings over time will be huge when you get a high efficiency boiler.

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